Gambling Jargon: Know the Lingo to Do the Deeds! Here’s the Jargon for Popular Table Games

Don’t be left out when playing games in the casino! Learn gambling vocabulary as you learn the games. It’s important to understand this so you won’t feel like a novice when playing table games.To get you started, here is the meaning of some of the terminology used in popular gambling games:


Basic Strategy – Plays you should make to maximize your advantage

Burn Cards – Removed cards after the shuffle

Bust/Break – Exceeding a hand total of 21

Card Counting – Memorizing played cards with an assigned value

Color Up – Cashing in your chips

Double Down – To double your initial bet following the initial 2 card deal

Even Money – Cashing in your bet for a 1/1 payout when you have a blackjack against a dealer ace

Face Cards – Jacks, Queens, Kings (AKA picture cards)

First Base – First seat to the dealer’s left

Hit/Draw – Calling for another card to add to your hand

Hole Card – The dealer’s face down card

Insurance – A side bet for the player when the dealer has an ace showing

Pat Hand – A had worth at least 17 points

Push/Tie – Player and dealer with the same hand total

Shoe – A device used for holding and dispensing cards

Soft Hand- A hand with an ace counted as 11 or 1

Stiff Hand – A hand with little chance of winning if hit

Surrender – Giving u your hand to lose one half of your bet

Third base – Last seat to the dealer’s right

Up Card – Dealer’s first dealt card face up


Any Craps – A dice total of 2, 3, or 12

Big Red – a bet in the Any Seven box

Boxcars – When the dice total 12

Capped Dice – Crooked dice

Cold Table – When most shooters are not winning

Come Bet – A bet made after the point is established

Come Out Roll – First roll of the dice in a round

Don’t Come Bet – A bet made after the point is established (Outcome is opposite of the Come Bet)

Don’t Pass Bet – Betting against the shooter before the Come Out Roll

Free Odds – An additional bet behind the Pass Line Bet taken at true odds

George – A good tipper

Hardway – A 4,6,8,10 thrown as pairs

Place Bet- Betting that a place number (4-6, 8-10) will be thrown before a 7

Point Number – One of the numbers 4-6, 8-10 made on the come out roll

Press A Bet – To double your bet amount

Proposition Bets – (AKA Prop Bets) one roll and Hardway bets

Right Bettor – Betting that the shooter will win

Seven Out – When a 7 is rolled before the point number

Shooter – Player currently rolling the dice

Snake Eyes – When the dice total 2

Stiff – A poor tipper

Toke – A tip given to the dealer

Vigorish – ( AKA Vig) commission taken by the house

Wrong Bettor – Betting that the shooter will lose

Yo – The number 11 (AKA Yo-Leven)


Aces Up – A pair of Aces with another pair

All In – Betting all your remaining chips

Ante – The opening bet before dealing begins

Belly Buster – An inside straight draw

Big Slick – An Ace and a King

Blinds – 2 forced bets before any cards are dealt (small blind & big blind)

Boat – Slang for a Full House

Broadway – The highest straight possible with mixed suits, 10, J, Q, K, A

Button – A disk placed in front of a player acting as the dealer

Bullets – A pair of Aces

Call – To match the current bet

Check – To defer making a bet until another player does

Cowboys – Slang for a pair of Kings

Dead Hand – A hand with no chance of winning

Donkey/Fish – A bad player

Drawing Dead – A hand that will lose even if it improves

Flop – The first 3 community cards

Flush – 5 cards of the same suit

Full House – (AKA Boat ) 3 of one kind and 2 of another

Kicker – The highest unpaired card in a hand

Ladies – Slang for a pair of Queens

Muck – Face down discarded hands

Nuts – The highest possible hand

Overcard – A card that is higher than another

Quads- 4 of a kind

Rag(s) – Cards that add no value to your hand

Rainbow – Cards with different suits

River – The 5th and final community card

Rounder – One who makes a living at playing cards

Royal Flush – The highest hand possible, a suited 10, J, Q, K, A

Set/Trips – 3 of a kind

Short Stack – Having the fewest chips at the table

Straight Flush – 5 suited cards in sequential order

Tells – Behavior that gives other players information about how you might play your hand

Tight – Someone who only plays premium hands

Tilt – Desperate to re-coup losses, causing bad decisions

Turn – The 4th community card

Under the Gun – First player to bet after the big blind

Wheel – The lowest straight possible with mixed suits A, 2, 3, 4,5

Wired – A pair dealt in the first 2 cards

So there you have it. Learning this jargon will assist you on your path to becoming a seasoned responsible gambler. Good Luck!

What You Want From Flight Simulator Computer Games (and What You Get)

Are you looking for flight simulator computer games? If so, you need to decide what you want out of the flight simulator game first. Do you want to experience realistically the challenge and adventure of flying?Or do you want to learn to fly using a tool similar to those used by learner pilots for training and experienced pilots for practice or for checking routes and airports? Do you want to do combat? Are you looking for something to play with your children?There is so much demand for flight simulator computer games now you can easily find something excellent for less than three figures. Many younger players have been inspired by these games; some to become pilots, some to a career in aircraft design because of the capability some open source games have for redesigning aircraft.Flight simulator games are used for professional and educational purposes as well as entertainment. They are safe and easy to handle. Whatever your purpose, there is a game out there.Good flight simulator computer games include many different types of aircraft. You can choose from planes to gliders to helicopters. The range will also go from vintage – e.g. the original Wright Flyer – to modern commercial and military jets of all nationalities. You will also get all the information you ever wanted on any of the aircraft.There will be various flights and missions to try out but you should also be able to create your own scenarios, which gives you an almost unlimited variation of experiences you will be able to simulate. And, of course, you will learn how different aircraft handle. Light aircraft like Cessnas will be much more immediately responsive than the larger craft like 747s, which have lags in response you need to get accustomed to.Flight simulator computer games give you a virtual experience of everything which a pilot comes across during a real flight. You will be able to choose any significantly sized airport in the world, including your own local one.Approach lighting and markings on the runways will be correct and airport lighting will change in intensity as your position changes relative to it. If a runway changes elevation in real life it will do so in the game as well. In some airports, for instance, you need to deal with a slope while waiting for take-off.You can make flying conditions as realistic or as dangerous as you wish in good flight simulator computer games. A good game can calculate your nearest airport and calculate the current weather conditions using parameters like temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional), and visibility. And you will see the weather change with your position whether you are over the North Pole or the Equator.If you want to test yourself you can also program in weather conditions for your flight such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, high winds, torrential rains, etc. and see how you do. You can also program in technical problems and failures, see the instruments and systems failing as they would in a real-world situation, and experience the slowly growing stress and anxiety that pilots do in emergency scenarios.There are all kinds of software out there. You just need to decide what works best for you.

The Initial Phase of Your Computer Game

OK, so you have finally decided to create your game! This is a big milestone for you and you think you are ready for the full blown implementation of your beautiful and elegant game! Indeed, I mean what can go wrong? You have the skills, you have the talent, and you have the tools! There is no stopping you!You sit down and start brain-storming what it is that you want to actually create. OK, so you have an idea of what type of a game you want to develop. It is going to be a Role Playing type of a game. Great. Who is going to be the hero of the game? Well, you start thinking about this for a while, and you finally decide, the hero is going to be a Knight! Awesome! Now what? What the hell is your hero going to do throughout his/her journey? Uhun, another stumble block.OK, so the hero, is going to be a Knight that needs to save his people. Then you start to think, why does he even need to save his people in the first place? What has happened to his people? Have they been brutally butchered? Have they been deprived of their land and their legal entitlements? And if so why? What has caused such a behavior?Is this even something that you want to pursue and fully develop as the main storyline of the game? Is it something that will be interesting to people around the world? I mean we are facing a very tough audience these days in the gaming community that want to have not only great graphics but also a great gameplay and storyline.You realize, that you need assistance, and you need assistance FAST! It is a doggy-dog world out there, and you must be at the top of everything or else, your boat will sink pretty quickly!OK, so I have defined a hero for the game, and the hero is a Knight. The storyline is starting to take shape, but needs to be polished and enhanced. The hero, Maximillian, does not know about his heritage and the rightful Kingship that is his. He becomes aware of this throughout the game and eventually the story starts to take shape as the player advances in the game.Now, we need a way to exchange the information to our hero in the game. In order for us to do so, I have decided to create special character which we will call them Guardians, or the Wise Elders. These are the folks who are the people in charge of keeping all of the records and secrets of a given society. The Guardians will provide clues and guidance throughout the game to the hero to be able to meet his mission objectives.Alright, so let’s do a recap, we have defined our hero, and we know that his eventual goal is to find his true identity and eventually claim what is his by birth right.We have created a set of special characters, called the Guardian, who are the point of contact that will exchange the required clues and guidance to the hero to meet his mission objectives.This sounds reasonable so far. But, let’s now think about why in the first place the hero, is unaware of his true identity? What has happened prior to this point in time, which has kept his past in the dark? And if he is not ruling the land, then who is?NOTE: Your comments and feedback are welcome anytime!Can we say, that the land is now ruled by the evil sibling of the hero’s father? Would it be interesting to say that, while Maximillian was at a young age, his father, King Vittorio (Conqueror, Victor), was betrayed and overthrown by his younger brother, Prince Maarten (Don’t deceive). This betrayal had caused great casualty and burden on the land ruled by King Vittorio, and due to the events that had taken place, he was forced to exit his kingdom and live in exile, while his sibling Prince Maarten, became the new ruler of the land.Alright, looks like something is coming together here. But, what was the betrayal, and how did this damage the Great King, King Vittorio?Could this have been a plot engineered by the younger Prince Maarten and the evil Wizard Darnell (Hidden), who wanted to have more power in the kingdom? Therefore creating an impossible plot of war and total destruction between one of the largest city centers and the ORC King, for looting and devastating the cities and town out of their safety and wealth. And engineered a campaign to turn the people against the King and forcing him exile, while the younger Prince Maarten, and the Evil Wizard Darnell took over the kingdom for their own selfish greedy agenda.Now, it seems to me that we have a starting point. But, am I satisfied with this? Well, I want your inputs and comments.This defines the historical background and explains the reason of why we are starting the hero from this particular point. But, it does not define the process of how he was kept, trained, and educated to be able to re-conquer the lands that are his by law and by divine privilege.Assuming, that the King Vittorio, settled in a secluded and protected area deep inside the forests with the means of sending and receiving messages to a select few Guardians of the kingdom, and that the Guardian had known about the whole Evil plot, but they could not protect the king in time, but they were secretly training, and educating the young Maximillian, to be ready for the day that he will start his journey to re-claim his Kingdom.Well, I will discuss the ideas and concepts more in the next article. In the meantime, do leave your comments and feedback.Sincerely,Vahe Karamian

Importance of Playing Computer Games

Computer games like online games were stereotyped as bad influence and addictive to both adults and children. However, today many people understand these games are not bad, as long as young kids and teens receive supervision from their parents or guardians. Parents should seek to find the right games that provide maximum benefits for their children. It is equally important for gamers to exercise discipline when playing. It is important to know your limits and to perform our responsibilities to enjoy both worlds. The importance of playing an these game includes:· Staying connectedSocial networking is proving effective in connecting people drawn from around the world, so do multiplayer games which offer the ideal environment to promote interaction between new and existing relationships. Family members and friends who are many miles apart often find it challenging staying in contact. However, through the games available online, loved ones can engage in any interesting game during the night. The built in chat option, allows gamers to communicate with each other. This has led to many people making good friends through gaming sites.· Improving brain functionsLike every other game, to win an online game you need to be skilled in strategies and tactics. Games are mind-work and thus you need to consider the consequences before making any decision. With educational games, gamers are encouraged to think liberally. This gives the learners the opportunity to show their creative skills. According to studies, gamers who engage regularly in guessing and puzzle games develop a better memory.· Improving knowledge in technologyChildren who are exposed to playing computer games learn how to adapt easily to new website applications. They become knowledgeable and skilled in using the computer and solving problems that may arise with the computer. This is very important considering the computer has become an important part of modern life. Furthermore, kids and teenager who play the games develop better eye to hand coordination compared to those who do not.· Illness & recoveryAccording to studies, online gaming has the potential of helping families deal with several health issues, including chronic illness. Some of the gaming companies have released several games that are aimed at helping children cope and understand their illness. Games communicate more effectively than pamphlets and books. They give patients the opportunity to understand and manage several illnesses including cancer, bone morrow and dyslexia. Families use creativity and imagination in the process of understanding and recovery.